The In Cinq project is complete.
Thanks to all who participated.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

frequently asked questions

Q. Is your project still open to submissions?

A. No. This blog project is complete. I hope you enjoy browsing the outstanding cinqpics collected here.

Q. Why aren't all the cinqpics linked to the contributors' websites or blogs?
A. The idea to link cinqpics to contributors' sites was suggested by a contributor well after the project was underway. Earlier participants did not submit their links with their entries, and not all later participants chose to share links (some wanted to stay anonymous). Because this is a closed project, you may find that some of the links no longer work. Just like in real life, people move on the Internet.

Q. I identified my gender as "bloke." Why was it changed to "guy"?
A. Along with "bloke," contributors have identified themselves with "male," "boy," "man," "chap," etc. And then there are all the female variations! While I appreciate them all, I don't want anything to distract from the cinqpics themselves. For this reason, all contributors are identified simply as "guy" or "girl."

Note: "Girl," for me, is a strong, empowering, positive word. The women in my family embrace their "girl power," and have always encouraged me to do the same. :)

Q. Isn't it more traditional to have 1,2,3,4,1 words?
A. There are several variations of the cinquain (5-line stanza). For this project, I decided to go with the didactic cinquain (minus the syllable rule) showcased on After all, I was inspired by my little sister's cinq for/about my dad. This project isn't about traditional poetry. The cinqpic is an original concept that brings together visual and poetic snapshots into a unique self portrait. The contributors here are putting a new, evocative, contemporary spin on cinquains. :)

Q. How and where do I upload a photo?
A. If you want to upload one instantly (with no registration required), try TinyPic, ImageShack, or PicOodle. Grab the "direct link" URL and include it in your submission.

Q. Does my self portrait have to be a photograph?
A. No, the self portrait can be an illustration (as long as the contributor owns the copyright to the artwork). Take a look at this cinqpic and this one.

Q. Is it okay to submit another cinqpic if you already published one of mine?
A. Yes! Cinqpics, like other self portraits, capture a specific snapshot of a mood and moment in time. There's more than one cinqpic in each of us. However, each cinqpic should have its own distinct look. Don't send the same (or similar) photo or illustration.

Q. Why didn't you publish my cinqpic?
A. Most likely, you forgot to include a link to your photo/illustration; omitted your gender, age, and location; or your cinquain didn't contain 9 words. If you used the anonymous drop box, and didn't include your email, I have no way of getting in touch with you. Please check the Post It on the sidebar and see if I left you a note. Or, better yet, email me directly at incinq [at] gmail [dot] com. There's always a chance I didn't receive your cinqpic the first time.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for this project?
A. My little sister wrote a cinquain for/about our dad. She captured him in five short lines. Her poem was like a literary snapshot of our dad. She's my inspiration. And, I've seen and admired self portraits on blogs. The idea came to me, to pair the visual with the literary.

Q. What is the reasoning behind the blurred or non-identifiable images? I get it, I'm just wondering what your take on it is.
A. Initially, I was thinking that most of the contributions would come from my friends or classmates. I thought they'd open up more with the anonymous pict angle. A few weeks into the project, I revised the policy to this simple request: no standard "yearbook" shots, please.

Q. We're Facebook friends, but I want my cinqpic to be anonymous. Will you give me away on "the wall"?
A. No way. I would never imply or say/write anything in a public forum that would compromise the anonymity of any contributor (unless the communication was initiated by the contributor).

Q. Will you ever publish something in the form of a hard copy? An artbook so to speak?
A. There's nothing planned at the present. For now, the mission is to bring in cinq to life as a unique collection of poetic self portraits. Potential contributors should note this at the top of each page: "You're granting in cinq the right to publish and archive your cinquain and image on this and any future in cinq website or medium."

Contributor Guidelines

Please note: This is a closed project. The guidelines below describe what the In Cinq project was about. New submissions are not being accepted.

In Cinq

In Cinq was a poetic visual global community. Contributors participated from artists from all across the United States, to Asia, Australia, South American, Africa, North American, Europe, etc. Our concept collaborated between Adria Balgassi and Haemi Balgassi. In Cinq = 9 words about yourself, poem and portrait.

1st line: one word that represents you
2nd line: two words that describe you
3rd line: three words that show you
4th line: two words that express you
5th line: the essence of you, in one word
Also share your:
Gender, age, location. Examples: "guy, 28, third floor corner cubicle"; "girl, 19, Boston."

Link to a photo or illustration. No standard yearbook shots, please (browse cinqpics for inspiration). Your pict will be sized to 306 pix-width, and may be cropped (this is rare).

Website or blog url. Optional, if you want your self portrait linked back to you.

Go on then. Show the world what you look like in cinq.

By submitting your cinquain and photo, you're giving your word that you are the author of the cinquain and the owner of the photograph. You're granting In Cinq the right to publish and archive your cinquain and image on this and any future In Cinq website or medium. Your cinquain may be edited for punctuation and spelling. Cinquains are featured in lower case (exceptions: proper nouns and the pronoun I). In Cinq will not share your e-mail with anyone.